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Isabel Laudenbach
Foto: Last Round Films

ISABELLE LAUDENBACH, Guitar and backing vocals

The musical experiences of this French guitarist are extensive. She has long since been passionate about flamenco and came to Barcelona in 2002 in order to study at ESMUC (Superior School of Music in Catalonia). Her curiosity for musical culture has led her to explore many different styles, from Brazilian music, to pop, to South American folklore, to French Chanson and Classical music. Her abilities for arranging and composing music continue to be cultivated by this vast range of influences, and she is always open to explore new sounds and techniques.

She played for 10 years with the group “Las Migas”, a flamenco quartet that was formed in 2004, together with Lisa Bause, Marta Robles and Silvia Perez Cruz. With two album releases, Reinas del Matute (Nuevos Medios, 2010) and Nosotras Somos (Chesapik, 2012), and hundreds of concerts around the world, the group is well established in the Spanish and European music scene.

Thanks to her eclectic interests and experiences, she is accustomed to working with projects that blend different musical styles and artistic disciplines (including theatre, circus, dance and soundtracks).

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