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Isabel Vinardell
Foto: Last Round Films

ISABEL VINARDELL, Dancer, singer and choreographer.

This exuberant dancer and singer has dedicated her professional life to music and dance since 2001. She has worked with a range of musical groups and has performed across the globe, including Japan, Algeria, Jordan, Finland, France, Belgium, Holland, Italy, Germany.

Her desire to travel and explore the world led her to her first main musical project, in the form of the group Cheb Balowski, and with them she recorded three albums: Bartzeloona (2001), Potiner (2003) and Plou Plom- musiqueta que enamora (2005). While touring with this band she performed in various European music festivals such as Lowlands, Color Cafe, Esperanzah.

When the project with Cheb Balowski came to an end, she decided to found ESPECIEDESPACIO, her own school/production company, where she undertook distinct projects related to dance and music. One of these, “Alkut”, was selected by Ruben Blades in SHDB.

She also sang on the soundtrack of “Sin Piedras” for the producer Lost Artist and has collaborated on various albums including Calima and Morosito.

As a dancer, she has performed in videos for Ojos de Brujo and DjVadim. She was also selected by Cirque du Soleil in their 2012 auditions and remains on their contact sheet. She has choreographed and participated in various shows. “Tacata”, which she co-directed with Marcel Pie, was presented at the Festival de Flamenc de Ciutat Vella (tapeos). She performed as both dancer and singer in the show “Volver 2” in Morioka, Japan. Her career continues to demonstrate a passion for diverse, multi-disciplinary projects where she can continue to grow and integrate influences from around the world.

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