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The group takes its roots in the duet Isabel Vinardell and Isabelle Laudenbach.A string quartet from the National Chamber Orquestra of Andorra joins in for a new project which showed its light in 2015 in Barcelona. With arrangements by Jack Taradellas, Joan Albert Amargòs and Pere Bardagi, and some specific arrangements written by the duet itself , the string quartet filters through this intimate formation and gives a new dimension to their usual repertory

From versions of extremely varied style to the songs themselves, the strings accompany the intimate universe of the 2 soloists, which takes place between melodic songs, flamenco, boleros and pop music.

Isabel Vinardell (voz y palmas)
Isabelle Laudenbach (guitarra y coros)
Pere Berdagí (violín)
Sergi Claret (violín)
Joan Félix (viola)
Sylvie Reverdy (violoncello)
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