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A solas
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Diseño: Especie (Isabel Vinardell) & Marcel Pie

Sometimes, as if out of nowhere, something just happens with music. It simultaneously envelops you with a feeling of safety and exposure. A contrasting relationship between fragility and strength comes into play. Nudity. Intimacy. Something that crystallizes through evolving processes. Something that both speaks out and remains silent at the same time.

Enter Isabel Vinardell and Isabelle Laudenbach. After both gaining vast experiences in several bands from the Barcelona music scene (including Cheb Balowski and Las Migas), here we meet them together, on a shared voyage.

With this project, they are undertaking a journey where every song (some written by them, some by others) has its own story. The songs are given life in different settings and recorded by them with their own equipment. Like a snail inside its shell, each song is recorded in a unique location, chosen to embrace its core feeling. A cave. An abandoned factory. A forest. Their intention: to capture the essence of the moment and make music wherever called to them.

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